Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Italy: military industry CEO arrested for corruption

Would he be in Spain he'd get free on bail almost for sure, in Britain a condecoration from the Queen. 

But in Italy sometimes the corrupt ones do hit the dungeons. 

Busto Arsizio, CEO of Finmeccanica SpA was arrested after prosecutors found that he had paid bribes to Indian officials in order to secure the sale of 12 executive helicopters, when he was head of AugustaWestland, a division of Finnmecanica. The current head of this division, Bruno Spagnolini, is under home arrest. 

Source: Al Jazeera.

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  1. Another scandal hits India. There has been a lot of Press and TV coverage about it. An Ex-Indian Air-Force Chief is said to have received some kick backs through his cousins and the Govt. has canceled the order, fearing noise from the Opposition in the coming session of Parliament. However, it happened only after the Italians took action.

    Mr. Berlusconi says bribe is common in Int'l Business. French President François Hollande, who is on a visit to India assures such a situation won't arise if India buys Fighter Jets from France.

    India should develop its own MIC. It is a shame that we have not been able to do so in the past 6 decades and a bit more.


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