Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Basque Country: Bilbao urban police attacked poor people living in squats

It has only been known now but when the Bilbao municipal police raided several squats in the forgotten port district of Zorrozaurre on the night of January 17-18, without any sort of judiciary order (and therefore violating the right to inviolability of one's home) they did everything in their hand to cause pain and humiliate the poor people, locals and immigrants, living there in harsh conditions. 

Thus they broke plastic windows so cold would get inside the improvised homes (recycled factories), threw their belongings to the ground, and even to the mud outside the homes, scattered shaving cream all around, dirtying everything, and threw all the furniture (beds, fridges...) against the floor. 

This Kristallnacht style aggression by a police corps every day more fascist and less civic is not at all unprecedented, having been reported way too often for their racist and despotic attitude, exactly the same as Mayor Azkuna (EAJ-PNV) has.

SOS Racism has denounced the incident before the courts and the public.

Source: Herri Kolore[es].

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