Monday, February 25, 2013

The shadow Capitalist party and the true motives behind the "austerity for the poor" doctrine

I have mentioned on occasion that the real ruling party in the so-called Western democracies is neither the liberal-conservative nor the liberal-progressive electoral organizations that take turns at the governments, giving a vacuous impression of choice, but actually the associations of businesspeople (capitalists) that exist in all them, who push ahead with their agenda no matter what brand rules. 

This has been highlighted now, for example, in the Basque region or province of Gipuzkoa, where ADEGI (the local branch of Western Basque, Spanish and European such bourgeois shadow party) has been fiercely trying to impose draconian cuts in salaries and social rights to workers of elderly homes, which are often private but are subsidized and overseen by the provincial government. This has led to a strong confrontation with the labor unions and has pushed the provincial authorities (held by the Basque Nationalist Left coalition Bildu) to offer an extra € 8.2 million of support in order to reach an agreement that satisfies at least partly the demands of the workers. 

Protest of elderly residences' workers

One would think that this would be all, that an agreement would be soon reached on the greater availability of funds and that the conflict would end happily. 

Not at all. The bourgeois shadow party ADEGI frontally charged against such generous proposal. Why? Because, in their class-belligerent opinion, it erodes their Europe-wide efforts to demolish worker purchasing power and ability to negotiate, what they call the "labor reform".

The secretary general of this capitalist mafioso organization that rots all our societies, José Miguel Ayerza, sent a writ to the Social Action Department of the Chartered Government in extremely harsh terms, demanding that their proposal of solution be immediately retired and that it publicly acknowledges that it has, in their opinion, exceeded its legal functions, being a breach of the limits of their legal capacity harming the ability and right to collective negotiation of the business associations.

This is quite ironical when the latest Spanish "labor reform" precisely dynamites collective negotiation, at least for workers. 

The Chartered Government's proposal intended to guarantee financing capacity so the salaries of workers would be updated according to the increase of the CPI, as well as to consolidate the labor rights of workers. Nothing more, nothing less. 

The bourgeois shadow party is however concerned for the wider implications of this proposed arrangement, showing that they are operating concertedly in agreement with their Spanish and European colleagues to sap the overall standards of living of Basque workers. In their own words the real problem is that the constructive attitude of the Gipuzkoan Government:

... affects labor issues of great relevance, depth and incidence in the future, exceeding clearly its administrative capabilities, in an act with clear political connotations, which only pretends to show their opposition to the recent labor reforms. 

You get the idea, right? This is the real single party that controls the bourgeois regime and they do not like it at all when any democratically elected ruler challenges their privileged status as petty and murderous dictators, even in the slightest. Parties and elected managers are there only to serve their interests and diktats, otherwise... same in Venezuela as in Gipuzkoa.

Source: Gara[es].

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