Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guatemala: Native Americans get their crops destroyed by Nicaraguan fuel-crop multinational

On March 13th, Native American renter farmers from Polochic Valley, Verapaz, saw their crops, worked by their ancestors for many generations, destroyed by heavy machinery of the Chabil Utzaj company, owned by Nicaraguan multinational Grupo Pellas. The oppressor corporation aims to make them into fuel crop fields (sugar cane, oil palm). 

This is not the first time that this corporations attacks the People, in 2011, the same company, with support of the police, evicted 14 communities, totaling 800 families, in the same area and with the same purpose. In spite of the OAS' human rights committee (CIDH-IACHR)  mandate to Guatemala to guarantee the evicted people food and shelter, the government of this country has not done anything for them at all.

Sources[es]: LINyM, Albasud (larger report with many photos).

Update (Feb 20):

Carlos Pellas Chamorro
President of Grupo Pellas
I found (thanks to Nicaraguaymas) something more about this Nicarguan agricultural mega-corporation that has been for some years now investing, at the cost of farmers' lands and health (pesticides kill), in important projects of crops (for fuel and other industrial uses) in several countries: Nicaragua itself, Honduras (where they were backed by President Zelaya) and Guatemala. It also owns the rum company Flor de Caña, exports most of its orange juice production for Minute Maid, a company of Coca-Cola Inc. and is major shareholder of some Central-American concessions of Toyota and IBM.

Its President and strongman is Carlos Pellas Chamorro, who is the obvious main culprit here.

Source: REL-UITA[es].

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