Saturday, February 16, 2013

USA: 'uncontrolled flow' of natural gas off Florida shores

Energy News reports today, citing numerous radio broadcasts, that a gas platform may have suffered an accident that has left an uncontrolled flow of natural gas into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and, surely, the atmosphere as well (the main gas bubble seems to have reached the shallow depth of 300 m, from an original depth of almost 1000 m below sea level). 

The accident happened 50 nautical miles East of Venice, Florida.

In another report, the same site, indicates that news suggest that there is no breach in the seafloor and that the giant gas bubble may be an isolated incident, a "burp", so to say, from an abnormally pressurized gas zone. If that is all, then maybe it is not so severe. We'll see.

Update (Feb 17): Energy News mentions that the flow has been ongoing since February 4th and that the preparedness to drill a relief well indicates that the authorities keep at least open the possibility that it is not a mere burp but a real leak.

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