Friday, February 15, 2013

Bharain: minor murdered by police while protests continue in the 2nd anniversary of the beginning of the revolution

I say the beginning because, quite obviously, it is still ongoing in spite of all the repression. The popular movement's claims have also escalated from demanding mere democratic reforms to now calling for the overthrown of a most hated regime that nevertheless sticks to its guns with the help of very powerful allies (USA, Saudi Arabia, UK). 

Notice also that Cypriot, Italian and German weapons were used in the latest crimes of the Khalifa totalitarian regime. Incidentally Cyprus has the only communist-led government in all the European Union, someone should tell them.

From the Bahrain Center for Human Rights:

Bahrain: Minor Killed And Human Rights Violations Escalate During the 2nd Anniversary of 14Feb Mass Protests

European Weapons Aid the Authorities’ Crackdown

Photo: Peaceful protestor standing in front of riot police on 14Feb in Duraz Village Date: 14 February 2013

(Bahrain) – The human rights situation is rapidly deteriorating in Bahrain on the second anniversary of the pro-democracy movement. Security forces in full riot gear have swarmed the streets with armored vehicles and helicopters; many streets are filled with tear gas. The government’s response has been, throughout the day, wildly out of proportion to the largely peaceful demonstrations.

Since the earliest hours of the day around dawn, protesters took to the streets in large numbers, groups of hundreds gathered in all parts of the country, the vast majority of which were peaceful. Protesters have established roadblocks of their own to prevent riot police from driving at high speed into the villages. The security forces used consistently excessive and disproportionate force against protesters across Bahrain throughout the day.

Photo: Hussain Al-Jazeeri photos

Due to the culture of impunity being practiced by Bahrain authorities and the continued use of excessive force, a 16 year-old protester, Hussain Ali Al-Jazeeri, died this morning as a result of a close-range direct hit from a police officer’s shotgun to his abdominal area (Copy of the death certificate). He was shot while he was peacefully protesting in the area of Daih. There is no evidence that AlJaziri was representing any kind of threat to the policeman who fired on him and killed him. Al-Jazeeri died in the ambulance before reaching the hospital. This video shows the medic who was trying to rescue Al-Jaziri in the ambulance ( ). The Bahraini riot police continue to use the birdshots against the peaceful protests in Bahrain even after 2 years, during which dozens were killed with shotgun, including the first man who was killed on Feb 14, 2011, Ali Mushiama.

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