Thursday, February 21, 2013

Honduras: farmers re-occupy lands taken by SAB-Miller

In the night of February 18th some 1500 farmers, who were expelled against the law by the the British/South African beverages multinational SAB Miller last August, took back part of the 3644 Ha. robbed by the bourgeois mafiosi, who also destroyed the harvest. 

Back in August, the influence of SAB Miller managed to get 42 farmers arrested and to keep the matter of the ownership of the lands in court. But the struggle of the peasants has now taken new strength and they have taken the initiative. Freddy Membreño, member of ADCP, said:

We decided to take back these lands because it is not acceptable that foreign companies continue land-grabbing our country, while thousands of farmer families suffer misery and hunger.

According to the the FAO, 40% of Hondurans suffer malnutrition. The concentration of lands and their dedication to cash crops is the reason why 300,000 farmer families don't have access to land and the country lacks food sovereignty. 68% of children are in dire poverty.

Recently the illegitimate putschist government of Porfirio Lobo reached an agreement with Azunosa, the brand of SAB Miller in the country, to give 433 Ha to farmers who took part in the recuperation action last year. This is barely above 10% of all the lands in dispute and has been rejected by the INA as a mere media show.

As of now it seems that the situation is calm, as the private guards of Azunosa have pulled back but there is fear of another illegal eviction at any time.

Source: LINyM[es].

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