Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Italy elections: hung Parliament of buffoons?

The latest news point to at least a partial lead of 'Bunga Bunga' Berlusconi's list at the Senate, with the ex-communist-converted-to-IMF-tyranny-of-the-markets Bersani's slightly leading at the Chamber of Deputies and a third place for the only list lead by a professionally experienced buffoon, the commedian-turned-populist-cry-foul-with-fascist-backing Beppe Grillo.

The result may well be the hung Parliament of the buffoons, none of which seems able to even agree with the others at all, with two of them not really pliable to the demands of the BCE-IMF tyranny and the third one, Bersani, surely unable to form a majority much less satisfy the demands of his supporters with an obligued IMF-defined agenda of "austerity for the poor". 

I forecast new elections in a matter of months.

Note: the divided real left was expected to be struggling to even reach representation as the new electoral law punishes coalitions very strongly.

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