Monday, February 18, 2013

Greece: the harsh reality of power cuts (video: 7 mins)

Hundreds of thousands of Greeks are suffering this now, as the price of electricity is soaring on state decrees to raise money for the unpopular regime and the rapacious private monopolies. This video is a must-watch and won't take much of your time (just 7 mins., in Greek with very readable English subtitles):

It's not of course a threat only happening in Greece. I had recently two successive confrontations with the workers of local electricity company Iberdrola, who tried to cut the electricity of my neighbor (the second time they succeeded in flagrant violation of the law, next time I may throw bleach to their faces, pigs!) Some of the recent misery-caused suicides also included electricity cuts among the many burdens of the victims, although losing the home seems to be the worst of all. 

More and more of Europe is becoming a place of poverty and desperation, with huge and quickly growing numbers of desperate unemployed, trampled or not in mortgages, with thousands and thousands of business being closed for good, with the depression rapidly extending now northwards to nearly every state of the European Union (even Germany is trembling already!)

But things can change and will almost unavoidably change. The only realistic solution right now for the continent is socialism. There are also the dark shadows of fascisms but these offer no solution whatsoever just thuggish bourgeois violence and more of the same in terms of economy.

Source: From the Greek Streets.

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