Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Apartheid Palestine: 'Prisoner Without a Name, Among Prisoners Without Number'

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Prisoner Without a Name, Among Prisoners Without Number

SAMER ISSAWI in 'critical ondition'

'PRISONER X'?  BEN ZYGIER found hanged in cell.

ISRAELI aircraft have made flights over Gaza and forces been alerted in preparation for hostile action if a Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike in an Israeli prison should die.

Samer Issawi was reported yesterday to be in a critical condition after 195 days on hunger strike.

Fadi Abedat, a lawyer for the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Prisoner Affairs, visited Issawi at Ramle prison clinic.

Issawi has severe leg, kidney, head and chest pains and a slow pulse. He is unable to move or sleep, the ministry said in a statement.The Israeli Prison Service has isolated hunger strikers from each other and guards frequently raid their cells, Issawi told the lawyer.

Palestinian Prisoner Society lawyer Jawad Boulos, who also visited Issawi, said the detainee's weight had dropped to 46 kg and he was struggling to speak.

Issawi is being held under administrative detention, a practice which the Israeli state inherited from the  British Mandate's Emergency Powers and uses to detain Palestinians without bringing any criminal charges against them and without a trial.

Issawi has thanked all who support him in his fight and said he would not quit his strike until Israel met his demands.

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