Sunday, June 24, 2012

Venezuela: Native Americans murdered by Colombian cross-border fascist attack

Imperialist neofascist agitation in South America continues escalating way too fast. 

Three Yukpa leaders (brothers Alexander and José Luis Fernández Fernández, as well as Leonel Romero) were kidnapped by a group of masked hitmen with Colombia accent at Machiques del Perijá (Zulia, Venezuela). Two of them were found dead later on, while Alexander Fernánded (pictured) was still alive but shot in both eyes. 

Relatives of the victims blame fascist death squads ("sicarios") that operate in Colombia under the command of powerful cattle owner capitalist clans which are trying to evict the Natives from their ancestral lands under the passivity of the Colombian Government. The particular squad seems to be mad up of 20 hitmen under the command of "El Loco" (Madman) Reinaldo.

It was in that same place where relatives of the victimes were also murdered and injured in December 2011. Later on April this year other three relatives of leader Sabino Romero were also murdered.

The bourgeois creole caciques in the Venezuelan side of the border are also rallying the white and mestizo population against the Natives, exposing them to victimization. These are the kind of forces that support the neocolonialist reaction, forces of racist hatred and forces of mafioso corruption and murderous violence that should be stopped immediately on risk of even worse consequences for all.

Source: Kaos[es].


  1. The Yukpa have been victims of attacks by the fascist paramilitary of Colombia, the murderous ranchers of Venezuela and the fascist FARC of Colombia. This last one has been killing as many native Americans as the worst...apart from drafting children to continue its mafia wars. All of them are criminals.

    1. FARC is whatever you want but not "fascist". Way too often the Colombian Narco-Nazi death squads kill and then blame the FARC or other guerrillas.

      Coming from you, I'm not surprised you are trying to divert the matter against the FARC but it's clear that the FARC are not involved nor allied with the Venezuelan nor Colombia cattle ranchers.

      The "all are criminals" junk go tell your mum. There are those who fight for good things and there are those who kill for personal profit. The first are heroes, the later scum that make me feel ashamed of being human.

  2. The FARC are fascists. They are the same scum as the cattle ranchers from Colombia, sometimes worse as there are some ranchers who are bad and some who are neutral and reject violence but all FARC support the killing of people, they recruit children, they murder native Americans just as the ranchers and they are hypocritical bastards who pretend to be "revolutionaries" but who are just drug dealers and psycopats.
    You have no idea about Latin America...but then you probably have no idea about the Basque country, as you say the Basques are living under occupation and you minimize the crimes of the terrorist band called ETA.
    Most people in the Basque country are not for independence and reject violence, including violence produced by the main originators of violence there, ETA.

    1. You are the only fascist here: the FARC are a legitimate popular armed group fighting a fascist state where almost every single person showing dissatisfaction with the regime has been murdered or worse.

      Now, please, get lost: I prefer not to have readers than to suffer the ones like you.


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