Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fukushima: so where is the spent fuel? Is it burning?

Where is all the spent fuel, the extremely dirty plutonium and MOX stored on top of the reactor number four of Fukushima Daiichi? TEPCO has just removed the top of the building (which was collapsing) and the cooling pool where it is supposed to be is not there anymore. Not in the top floor nor anywhere to be seen.

The pool, which can be seen in the older picture of the right (source) should be on top of the crumbling building but there is no more "top" nor middle nor almost anything...

The state of the top section of the building, or rather all of it, had been concern of specialized blogs. Today TEPCO has finally proceeded to intervene in said building, aparently by removing damaged sections but the result is a topless (and quite middle-less) building where there could be no more any spent fuel pool, the source of many grave concerns.

This and other videos show how the building has not much of itself anymore and also shows a burning flame and what seem like some sort of vapor clouds:

So where is it?

More at EneNews and Fukushima Diary.

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