Monday, June 18, 2012

Many Nazi attacks in Greece after rightwing electoral victory

Yesterday's vote in Greece did not only gave effective power to the conservatives of New Democracy, who had already opened a concentration camp for immigrants near Athens (there's money depending for what) but also ratified the rise of the terrorist Nazi party Golden Dawn, which did not grow but did not collapse either. 

The result is repeated terror acts of gangs of nazi youths in the very night of the election. They not only attacked kiosks of SYRIZA and other left wing parties in Athens but also went on criminal rampage against immigrants:

In Piraeus, an organized gang of some 80 thugs attacked a SYRIZA stand beating up those who were there. Later on the same gang attacked an immigrant at a metro station in Athens.

In Chania, Crete, another Nazi terror squad attacked two Alegerians sleeping at a beach with crowbars and knives, sending them to hospital. They also took their few possessions (mobile phones, money and blankets). 

Source: Occupied London - From the Greek Streets (includes a low quality video of the attack in the metro station).

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