Saturday, June 23, 2012

Paraguay: Lugo deposed in a mock "trial". Massive protests in Asunción, violent repression

The President elect of Paraguay was deposed today by the Senate, dominated by the oligarchic parties that collaborated with the philo-Nazi dictatorship of Stroessner. The mock "political trial" or impeachment was executed in a matter of hours and there were no specific charges just vague accusations of mismanagement in relation with deadly clashes on June 15th. It was indeed political but anything but a fair trial. 

Lugo, who was never really the left-wing president that his voters had hoped for but rather dubious in his performance, signing all the fascist laws presented to him by the oligarchy-dominated Congress, has now, in the day of his removal, become a catalyst for change in Paraguay. Change that is clearly delayed in relation to neighboring countries. 

It may be borderline legal but in practical terms this is a coup and what is happening in the streets of Asunción demonstrates that it is a fascist coup against the People and democracy, because it is the People who are being injured and maybe killed by the police today in the streets of the Guarani capital.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has already proposed that Paraguay is suspended of its membership in MERCOSUR and UNASUR, the South American common markets, which may be a major blow to the landlocked country. 

Atilio Boron[es] has some analysis (his own and from Idilio Méndez Grimaldi) on why was Lugo removed. Notable remarks
  • The massacre of Curuguaty (the pretext of the impeachment) was a set up of the oligarchy
  • Lugo failed to not consolidate the mass movement that had him elected and gestured once and again towards compromise with the Reaction
  • Consolidation of the extractionist (neo-colonial) economy led by US multinational Monsanto, which were already pressuring the Lugo government to yield unconditionally to their demands
  • Agitation by the Agrarian Capitalist Sydicate, the UGP, leading to the massacre of of Curuguaty and a tractor march planned for June 25
  • An internal set-up within the police leading to the deaths of six agents and, subsequently, to the massacre of a dozen landless peasants blamed for those deaths.
  • Among those dead agents was the brother of the chief of presidential security, Lt. Colonel Alcides Lovera, a very direct message to Lugo and those loyal to him within the Police and Army.
  • The fact that the massacre happened near the border with Brazil may be a message to the wider Latin American region by "The Embassy" (you know whose embassy, of course).

Sources: Al Jazeera, Tele Sur[es] (link 1, link 2),

Update (Jun 23):

ALBA countries agree to expel USAID from their territories for considering it a cover up for spying and imperialist interference, financing the most reactionary elements in Latin America ··> LINyM[es].

Argentina and Bolivia, the two other neighbors of Paraguay, beside Brazil, have also rejected the coup. Argentine President Cristina Fernández proclaimed that her government will not validate the coup in Paraguay, while Bolivian President Evo Morales said that Bolivia will only recognize a Paraguayan government if this one comes out from the polling stations and has the mandate of the People.

Similarly Ecuador declined to recognize any President of  Paraguay which is not Lugo.

··> TeleSur[es].

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