Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thousands march to Bankia against the socialization of bank loses

Thousands of Spanish citizens marched yesterday evening to the see of Bankia against the IMF and EU imposed costs of rescuing this bank. 

There have been many words around this rescue but almost not one was ever true. Notably, Rajoy said that the rescue (which he calls anything but rescue) would not have any additional cost for the peoples under the imperialist boot of the State of Spain but was immediately followed by the implementation of Lagarde's "suggestions" of further cuts of salaries to public servants and increase of the indiscriminate Value Added Tax (VAT, sales tax), already raised in 2011. 

They cried: not a rescue but looting. 

Source: Público[es].

Also being fought these days in Spain-Castile:

Miners continue fighting against police every day in Asturias and elsewhere. They have called for a general strike in the miner districts for tomorrow July 18th. ·> La Haine[es].

Hundreds demonstrated in Móstoles, near Madrid, in defense of the occupied social center La Casika. ·> La Haine[es].

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