Friday, June 1, 2012

Brazil: redefining the "middle class" so the poor are "rich"

The Blog do Tsavkko mentions today[pt] the new bright idea of that class traitor that is the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff. She and the very much discredited Workers' Party (PT) have decreed that you can be "middle class" in Brazil earning much less that the minimal legal salary. 

According to the new working definition a  Brazilian person earning as little as R$ 291 (roughly USD 150) per month is "middle class". If you earn (as our friend Tsavkko does) more than R$ 1019 (c. USD 500), you are "rich" (lower "upper class") and to be "upper class" without any other adjective (filthy rich), you only have to earn R$ 2480 (c. USD 1200, including public servants and teachers).

The reality is clearly not that way. Of course we all understand that prices are not the same across the World and that some adjustments must be made for that reason but the differences are not that radical in the end. Tsavkko denounces that in his own particular case, even earning R$ 1500 (c. USD 750), he needs family aid and sharing apartment with his lover in order to make ends meet. Brazil is not that cheap.

I would have maybe voted for Lula back in the day but never considered that Dilma was any good option. And she is showing it with her illusory bourgeois and extractivist policies that are a return to the old Brazil that they promised to change.

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