Sunday, June 17, 2012

20,000 Basques demand indepdendence in the 500 anniversary of the invasion of Navarre

A National march gathered some 200,000 people in Pamplona yesterday in demand of independence. 

Roughly on these days, some 500 years ago, a huge Castilian Army was rallied at Vitoria-Gasteiz to march against Pamplona, completing the intermittent invasion they had began some three centuries earlier, with the annexation of the Western Basque Country. 

Patxi Abasolo, from Nafarroa Bizirik (Navarre Alive) reminded that, in that same age, other peoples from America, North Africa or Europe were also conquered by Castile but that many of them have managed to break that yoke since then. He also denounced the unionist parties' governments, who have to journey 500 kilometers routinely to beg as serfs for a piece of what is ours by natural right. 

Sources[es]: Gara, Naiz

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