Thursday, June 21, 2012

Most of the Maoist grassroots join the new Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Jayapuri Gharti Magar
leader of All Nepal Women’s Association (Revolutionary)
The schism among Nepal Maoists seem consolidated by now and Prachandra and camarilla seem to only represent themselves. While only one third of the Central Committee of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), UCPN-M, defected to the newly formed party, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), CPN-M, almost all of the "sister organizations", the real backbone of the party, have joined the new organization. 

The several dozen "sister wings" are representative of the oppressed communities of Nepal, ethnicities and castes marginalized and oppressed and also professional associations and the women's movement:

The chiefs of sister wings joining Baidya´s party are Jayapuri Gharti Magar of All Nepal Women´s Association (Revolutionary), Gunaraj Lohani of All Nepal Teachers Association, Tilak Pariyar of Nepal National Dalit Liberation Front, Ishwar Chandra Gyawali of United All Nepal People´s Cultural Federation, Suresh Ale Magar of Indigenous Nationalities Federation, Maheshwar Dahal of Revolutionary Journalists Association, Mangal Bishwakarma of All Nepal People´s Health Workers Association, Ekaraj Bhandari of Association of Fighters Disappeared by State, Shiva Kattel of National Industries and Commerce Federation and Jayandra Bahadur Chand of Republican Sports Federation.

Likewise, Rukma Lamichhane of Nepal National Employees´ Organization, Santosh Budha Magar of Magar National Liberation Front, Takma KC of Nepal National Professors´ Organization, Padam Rai of Kirat National Liberation Front, Bharat Chepang of Chepang National Liberation Front, Chun Bahadur Thami of Thami National Liberation Front and Bartaman Rai of Rai-Danuwar National Liberation Front have also joined the new party.

Similarly, Raman Shrestha of National Lawyers Council, Bishnu Pukar Shrestha of Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation Nepal, Laxman Pant of All India Nepal People´s Rights Forum, Deependra Kumar Chhantyal of Chhantyal National Liberation Front, Nagendra Dhimal of Dhimal National Liberation Front and Pawanman Shrestha of Newa National Liberation Front are the other chiefs of sister wings joining CPN-Maoist.

Instead the leaders of some organizations remain alligned with Prachandra and Bhattarai, who, right now, exert the nominal government of Nepal but are watching the grass cut under their feet, as they accepted almost all the impositions by the bourgeois camp and India. The officialist organizations are:

Chitra Bahadur Shrestha, chief of All Nepal Peasant Federation (Revolutionary), Shalikram Jamakattel, chief of All Nepal Trade Union Federation, Himal Sharma, chief of All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary), Amar Tamu, chief of Tamu National Liberation Front, Ram Charan Tharu, chief of Tharu National Liberation Front, Suryaman Dong, chief of Tamang National Liberation Front, Hitaraj Pande, chief of Sahid Pariwar Samaj, Deependra Pun, chief of Ghaite Yoddha Pariwar, Khim Lal Devkota, chief of All Nepal Intellectual Association, Gyandera Kumal, chief of Kumal National Liberation Front, Shree Jabegu, chief of Limbuwan National Liberation Front and Mukti Pradhan, National Human Rights Concern Center, have stayed with the mother party. Of them, Kumal, Jabegu, Pradhan and Devkota are close to the faction led by party Vice-chairman Baburam Bhattarai.

The new party also counts with the People's Liberation Army, whose never completed dissolution was one of the main contention points between the two camps. 

Source: Revolution in South Asia.

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