Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nigeria's bloc wants to intervene against Azawad

I actually take it as a sign of the new sovereign state of Azawad (the state of Tuareg, Songhai and other Saharan peoples of what used to be Northern Mali) being rather consolidated for the Nigerian-led bloc ECOWAS to be pushing for intervention.

In any case, that is what the ECOWAS, in principle just an economic association, is planning to do: to build an international intervention force in Mali, to succor the transitional government (the product of a US-inspired coup that backfired) and eventually intervene against Azawad.

Meanwhile the Azawad authorities are being formed with full normality and they state that they will not surrender: Al Qaeda comes and goes but the Tuareg are bound to their land, they explain:


The Azawad government does not support Al Qaeda, and is actually feeling threatened by them. 

Source: Al Jazeera.

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