Saturday, June 2, 2012

Police attacks students in Brescia in homage to victims of fascist terror (Struggles in Italy)

Brescia: 38 years after fascist blast, rallying students are charged by police

Clashes between protesters and police took place in Brescia on May 28, during the annual commemoration of the victims of the neofascist bombing of Piazza della Loggia in 1974.

Thirty-eight years ago on the same day, an explosive device went off during a union demonstration, killing 8 victims and injuring 102. Since then, a yearly commemoration has been held in Brescia, demanding truth and justice, which are still being denied (no official truth has been disclosed and nobody has been convicted for the blast).

On May 28, 2012, a group of rallying students (allegedly 500 people) took a detour from the authorized route, aiming at the Court of Justice, where a preliminary hearing for a previous occupation was being held. They were violently charged by police after returning to the authorized route, and they were prevented from joining the official celebrations in Piazza della Loggia. After two charges, a group of union militants formed a human chain to escort the students into the square. The students were finally able to join the official celebration, where Susanna Camusso, National Secretary of the Italian union CGIL, was delivering a speech. As a result of the day of protest, 20 students were reportedly injured and 11 people were denounced for resistance.

- text [it] (website of a local radio)

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