Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Greek Nazis attack immigrants, seriously injuring one

Some 20 thugs of the infamous Golden Dawn party broke into the home of Egyptian fishermen at Perama, a suburb of Athens, trashing the inside and destroying the car outside. They found one of them sleeping inside and beat him very badly (photo). 

Later, six people identified by the fishermen as being part of the attackers, were arrested.

Source: Occupied London - From The Greek Streets.

Update (Jun 13):

Reelnews reports that the vehicles vandalized were three and some other details on the attack: that the attackers arrived in motorcycles and that they claim it was "not organized", what is in contradiction with the fact that only Egyptians and their property was attacked and that they had all kind of equipment at hands, including explosives.

The infamous Nazi party Golden Dawn has sent more thugs to the district threatening other Egyptian families with death in case "the Egyptians" identified the attackers before justice.

They also include a video and photo-gallery.

Fight back against Fascism before it is too late!

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