Sunday, June 24, 2012

Putschist agitation extends to Bolivia

Some 4000 police agents have mutinied in Bolivia, allegedly on a dispute on salaries, occupying police stations through the country. 300 of them, masked, raided and vandalized the National Intelligence Directorate and then attacked also the national police headquarters in La Paz, while their colleagues on guard remained watching. 

The National Intelligence Directorate was vandalized by masked policemen

The government then declared a national alert and warned that policemen are moving weaponry around, between stations, pressuring some units to give surrender their weapons and moving them to stations that had no such equipment. 

The Army has been mobilized to take charge of security instead of the rebel police agents. 

The illegal police protests began on Tuesday but have increased in severity since then and, after the legal coup of nearby Paraguay, considering who is behind and that police mobilizations were also used to trigger a coup attempt two years ago in Ecuador, there is serious concern that the USA is trying to destabilize the whole region. 

Sources: Al Jazeera, Tele Sur[es].

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