Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Major US financial companies may have suspended vacations to be ready for the crash

This is a very curious news item: PIMCO and JP Morgan Chase are rumored to have canceled all summer vacations for their employees because they believe that a global economic crash will happen this summer. 

Source: Examiner.

Naturally the economic situation in Europe, notably in Spain after the suicidal bailout of Bankia, is behind their fears, I can only imagine. But meanwhile here in the bourgeois and state media all we hear is comforting promises about a EU-wide solution and what not, while the institutionalized robbery by the very rich persists at a  most worrying pace... but nobody is arrested and put in jail as they clearly deserve, nor their assets intervened either. 

But how could that happen if we have put the fox to watch the chickens? I envy Greece because they do have the option of establishing a truly socialist government in 12 days. Anything else is nowadays failure and pain... and not just in Spain, mind you.

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