Thursday, June 14, 2012

Italy: police raids homes of Anarchists across the country

Contra Info reports of widespread searches and arrests against Anarchists in Perugia and Naples yesterday.

Some 40 homes were raided in the Umbrian city of Perugia and some 10 arrest warrants were issued. The police operation nicknamed "Boldness" has been associated by the media to a small armed group, the Informal Anarchist Federation, but all they have found so far have been computers and hard disks. Among the raided homes were some of members of purely political propaganda organizations Parole Armata and Culmine, some of which were already attacked by the Italian bourgeois state on March.  

One of the arrested could write this:


Chaos is just around the corner… (about the operation ‘ardire’)

The same story repeats itself.

In the context of a maxi-operation (‘operation boldness’… but what the fuck is that name?) against anarchists and arsonists of social peace, at 4am in the night from 12th to 13th June, my house was raided by the ROS units of Perugia and Bologna, backed by a couple of local carabiniers (unlike the last time my house was searched, now they didn’t find anything). They were looking for the same stuff they wanted to find the other time: computers, explosive material, etc.

This time, however, there was a charming surprise: the gentlemen in uniform, following the orders of the renown nun M.Comodi, informed me that I’m now under investigation on the basis of the customary Article 270bis of the Italian Criminal Code.

I would like to clarify that, although I have been currently assigned a duty solicitor, I intend to refuse any legal defense because I do not recognize any authority, be it judiciary or other.

In any case, this was a classic raid in grand style which, among others, led a dozen anarchists under pretrial detention and more than twenty people under judicial investigation, including some comrades of the CCF· nevertheless, it’s still too early to get a general picture of the situation.

What can one say? Needless to point out that, in spite of all the years of imprisonment under which they can bury us, the fire we carry within us is by now unstoppable.

It’s expanding, fierce, and meets the flames of our comrades in affinity everywhere; those who, in a world like this, accept a single position: that of the attack.

These wonderful comrades, whose hatred burns like one thousand suns shining in the sky, are the friends and the brothers and sisters with whom we share rage and pain, tears and smiles, doubts and passions that weigh as boulders and whistle as lead; those that threaten society, its laws and its defenders with their very existence; the indomitable rebels that illuminate the nights and paint the cities with colours of destruction and rebellion.

Even from behind prison bars or inside the courts, their gazes, their words and their thoughts are dangerous weapons and become sharpened handy files for escape, despite the fact that judges and public prosecutors attempt to suffocate any glimmer of individual strength in them.

But these human wastes cannot halt the iconoclastic fury that’s spreading like a virus.

We are the infection… and there is no cure; neither for the ‘masters’, nor for the ‘servants’.

Chaos is just around the corner…

A gigantic, incandescent, complicit embrace of fire to you, comrades.





Tomo, June 13th, 2012, dal mio Nulla

… from my Nothing.

Update also at Contra Info with some further details on the circumstances of the prisoners.

Italy also arrested two days ago a Basque citizen, former prisoner, living in Rome. While the institutional media that does not contrast institutional information and has been spreading the lie that he was arrested for criminal activity the reality is that he had no legal issues pending and had just been acquitted a week ago here in Bilbao from an opinion crime for allegedly collecting money for political prisoners. Police knew he was living in Rome and carrying there a perfectly normal life, however, quite abnormally, he was arrested.

Beware of Monti!

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