Saturday, June 16, 2012

Update on repression in Italy

Updates on the Italian raids against Anarchists can be read at Contra Info.

Notably, R60, an occupied social center of Reggio nella Emilia, denies that the two arrests and searches of the squat have any correlation with Operation Ardire in spite that both took place in the same day and they relate it more with class solidarity with earthquake victims and the NO-TAV movement:

First the cops searched the residences of two activists, who are affiliated with the R60 space, and seized personal items of theirs. Then the operation extended to the social space itself. Computers, cameras, memory cards, etc. were confiscated. Both detainees were released by midday. R60 members mention, among others, that the police in Reggio Emilia have been persecuting political activists, and in particular those who engage in struggles against environmental devastation and support self-organization and direct solidarity with earthquake sufferers.

R60 room vandalized by the carabinieri.
You can see the explosive ideas hidden in bomb-books on the shelves.
Beware of the bycicles: they bite!

The two arrestees from R60 are already in the streets, as for the rest, Contra Info publishes their prison adresses as well.

In a separate news item, innocent Basque ex-prisoner Lander Etxebarria, arrested by Italian police this week in Rome, was allowed home prison, a clear sign that he's not as dangerous. As I mentioned before, he has no pending legal issues after being acquitted from taking part in a prisoner-solidarity lottery earlier this month.

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