Thursday, June 7, 2012

€100 billion now...

It began being €4.5 billion, it quickly grew to €23.5 billion and now the Spanish conservative government wants to inject nothing less than €100 billion, the source of which they hope to figure out in two weeks.

€100 billion is 36% of the public budget of Spain. 

And all that is to bail out speculative private business which have been exploiting us by means of inflating the prices of homes and now cry because those prices cannot grow anymore and are even falling somewhat.

Meanwhile thousands of citizens who fail to pay their mortgages see how their homes (a constitutional right!) are taken from them and they still owe money to the banksters. Banksters who have no qualm (why would they: they are "businessmen" and all they care is about making money no matter what) in asking the public entity, the res publica, the state... to pay them even more money so they can keep the profits up while the citizenry literally starves, homeless and jobless.

In essence: the rich ask the state to rob even more from the homeless and jobless citizenry so the banksters can keep paying their spas and golf clubs.

While I feel strong anger at such kind of vampires, I understand that they are acting for their own private egoism, just as the Capitalist system demands from them and everyone, no matter what. But that the politicians from nearly all colors, conservatives and "socialists" alike, agree to such a mass robbery scheme has no name other than high treason. 

High treason to the citizenry, high treason to the people and high treason to democracy. 

They should be judged and hung from a tree. 

As that does not happen nor is likely to happen any time soon (except maybe in Greece, we'll see), we have to understand once again that this political system is anything but a democracy, working in fact all the time for the few oligarchs who control all power resorts by means of money. 

As Lenin would put it: it is the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. A class dictatorship designed to squeeze the working class to the last drop. 

Will you allow to be yourself squeezed like a lemon or will you fight back?



De Guindos: of the Sour Cherry Trees. Surname of the current Spanish Minister of Economy - you will hear that name a lot in the next months.

Related spanish expressions: 
  • guindar: coll. to steal surreptitiously.
  • caerse de un guindo (to fall from a sour cherry tree): coll. to find out the obvious in spite of one's wishes, to suffer an undesired reality check.

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