Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Telecom Italia censors two Indymedia nodes

Indymedia Piemonte and Indymedia Toscana were blacked by Telecom Italia. The reason? Hosting documentation that evidences that Coeclerici company is in fact a cover up for mafioso and spy activities.

The relevant contents have been however preserved at Web Archive:
The contents have been there since 2008 and, as we can see, are still there just that migrated to the Web Archive because of the attempt of censorship. The documents are from 1994. 

Indymedia Piemonte is provisionally accessible in full at (all the contents are there but instead of being subpages of, they are now of 

The legality of the action is more than dubious: it only has one precedent and the precedent was declared illegal on appeal. 

Sources: Contra Info, Indymedia Italia[it-es-en].

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