Sunday, June 3, 2012

Elder 'indignados' occupy bankster sees in Spain and Catalan Countries

Maju's new ad hoc etymological dictionary Spanish-English: 

Iaioflauta: elderly protester against Capitalism or its worst abuses in the context of the Spanish State. Etymology: from iaio or yayo: colloquial for granfather, grandparent (of Romani origin probably) and perroflauta.

Perroflauta: (1) colloquial disdainful designation of homeless or otherwise poor young people who travel around, specially in the summer, living from charity and the like, often carrying with them a musical instrument like a flute and maybe a dog. Etymology: from perro (dog) and flauta (flute). (2) In some fascist Spanish media like Intereconomía or the radio of the Catholic Church (COPE), anyone who sets up a camp in protest or similar, indignado, OWS protester, Tahrir Square revolutionary, Tienanmen victim, etc.

The new trend in Spain and the Catalan Countries this summer is the iaioflauta: grandparents and the like who are claiming their pensions and jobs for their grandchildren. They began this very week by occupying banks in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Palma.

Their demands: 
  • Not a single euro to bail out the banks
  • Quality public education and health care
  • A guaranteed dignified home for everyone
  • No to labor precariousness, yes to sharing of the wealth
  • Transparency, web democracy and citizen freedoms
In synthesis: they demand a bailout plan for the citizens and not for the banks.

Sources[es]: Más Voces, Madriz Rebelde.

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