Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brutal Nazi attack in Majorca against Germans

Three strong young men with shaven heads and dressing with Nazi T-shirts (slogan: Kombat 88, where the 88 means Heil Hitler) attacked some German tourists in the beach of Palma de Mallorca, sending them to hospital, where they remain under intense medical care.

The attackers are believed to be also German and could well be doorkeepers of one of the many German-language pubs or discos in the island. So far no arrest has taken place.


  1. ¿Insultos racistas y ambos grupos son alemanes?
    There are lots of neonazis in Germany and in Spain and elsewhere but I don't get it...racists against one's "own people"? (whatever that is)
    I hope anyway those criminals get caught and punished.

    1. They may be Germans of Turkish origin or whatever, IDK. Germans attacked Germans under Hitler on grounds of "racial purity" - or those Roma and Jews assassinated in the Holocaust were not Germans in many cases? "German" is not a race, it's a language and an ethnic identity maybe.


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