Thursday, June 28, 2012

Basque Nationalist Left warns against toxic 'rescue'

Image of the press conference
For the ample coalition EH Bildu, that gathers (as it name implies: bildu=to gather) various left-wing and independentist forces of the Basque Country, the rescue of the Spanish banks is a very negative deal. For the Basque Leftist coalition:
  • The conservative Spanish government is and will use all this to demolish the rights of the citizens.
  • The government has offered no information at all to the public.
  • The EU has in fact intervened Spain from some time ago (hence the neoliberal policies and antisocial cuts applied long before this "rescue").
  • The rescue is tailor-made for the needs of Capital.
  • The authorities are laying all the weight of the most severe economic crisis on the backs of the citizenry, even if we are not responsible, let alone guilty, for it.
  • The culprits are the bank managers and their crony politicians which have brought us to this awful situation.
They conclude that Spain is now an even more unbearable burden for the Basque Country.

Source: NAIZ[es].

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