Thursday, November 15, 2012

General Strike update

Kaos en la Red has published this nice multi-panorama of the various demos yesterday evening in the Spanish state:

And then you will say that we are just seven or eight

It has also been known that the number of arrested in the realm of the Bourbons has been raised to 142, with some other 74 injured.

We did not have any news from Canary Island yesterday but today it has been known that the Anarchists took over the mainstream yellow unions at the Gran Canaria demonstration end, showing that the twin unions are more and more questioned everywhere ··> La Haine (video).

In Madrid there were several events of direct confrontation with the cops, who in some cases had to run away in panic. Fire barricades have also been reported.

··> photogallery of the unitary (anticapitalist) bloc's demo in Madrid:

CNT also reported from several ill-known locations, many of which had low following and small demos.

For the wider coverage see yesterday's report.

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