Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bilbao: prisoner in thirst strike

I have just known with great concern that a neighbor from my hometown (Bilbao), just a year or two older than me, has declared himself in hunger and thirst strike. While you can last for weeks in hunger strike, you die fast in thirst strike (and that's why almost never is used in protests).

Apparently I.B.G., 48, neighbor of Errekalde (Bilbao), set himself in hunger and thirst strike on November 23rd, what, if they are not force-feeding him liquids, means that he is about to die or has already died. 

Another prisoner J.M.N.C., 46, neighbor of Sestao (a suburb of Bilbao) has declared himself on hunger strike for the same reasons.

Both consider that their preventive prison and the judge's treatment denies their presumption of innocence nor respected their procedural rights and want this way to demand a fair treatment by the judiciary system.

The reason why they have been jailed is the existence of penal antecedents from more than 20 years ago (1990), totally unrelated to the matter at hand (very possibly disobedience against conscription, considering their age and the date and their choice of very radical nonviolent methods - however I am just speculating here because no details are provided). 

Prisons for the rich and their mercenaries! Else... guillotine!

Source[es]: Salhaketa (association of solidarity with prisoners), found via Herri Kolore.

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