Saturday, November 10, 2012

Various struggles from around Europe

I just got a swath of feeds from Contra Info (a Greek anarchist and internationalist blog in many languages) and, instead of writing a separate entry for each or commenting this one but not that one capriciously, I'll quickly mention all them in a single entry.

Large antifascist demo in Volos (Greece)

Volos (or rather the nearby site of Sesklo) is the cradle of  Neolithic Europe and also the homeland of the mythical sailor Jason. Today is one of the most dynamic cities of Greece with a vibrant working class of clear antifascist ideas.

This reality was experienced on Nov. 5th when a ridiculously tiny "pan-Thessalian" Nazi concentration of less than one hundred thugs was confronted by about a thousand antifascists ready for anything. 

However the few Nazis were protected by no less than four police buses, several anti-riot squads, all the motorcycle police of Greece and local police officers in plain clothes. 

In spite of police provocations the demo remained firm and could finally march through Jason Street to the University, where they held an assembly.

On Nov. 10th there was another smaller antifascist demo which also suffered the hostility of the police (in Greece every other police agent votes Nazi yet no purge is ever made among their ranks but rather fascism gets the implicit support of the bourgeois coalition governments).

LINK (incl. video)

Refugees in hunger strike in Berlin (Germany) harassed by police

It actually began in late October at Brandenburg Gate and those taking part in it, many dozens, have been systematically harassed by the German police corps which have sported racist attitudes and abused those arrested. 

Police hostility impeded the nonviolent resisters from camping and eventually from even sitting on the ground. No news have arrived since Oct 29th. 

LINK 1 (incl. video), LINK 2 (video)

Prisoners in preventive arrest begin hunger strike at Nicosia (Cyprus) in demand of the very basics

The unconvicted prisoners denounce that they are not even allowed free water (must buy it) and cannot use the prison yard at all. They also complain of not being allowed to watch TV, limited phone communications and inadequate food. 

Students arrested in Istanbul (Turkey)

High School students of anarchist affiliation were arrested at İsmail Erez Industrial Vocational High School for criticizing the education system they suffer in fliers. 

Many other students were beaten by police for boycotting the school canteen by organizing their own lunch box system. They were that way protesting price rises.

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