Thursday, November 1, 2012

Japan: Fukushima disaster management: corruption and mass murder

Rikuzentakata remains devastated
(CC by Mistukuni Sato)
Fukushima Diary mentions today a BBC report in which it is denounced that the reconstruction funds for the tsunami affected areas have been wasted in unrelated projects, some under the pretext that they could fuel general economic rebuilding. 

The report was brushed under the rug by the Japanese media, while the official pseudo-opposition toned down their criticism so much that they went totally unheard. 

Among the many misuses of tsunami reconstruction funds are the construction of roads in the unaffected southern island of Okinawa, publicity for Japan's tallest building and subsidies to the highly controversial whaling industry. 

Meanwhile the port of Rikuzentakata remains essentially like the day after the tsunami devastated it. And it is just one example.

Mass murder

The mayor of Futaba, where destroyed Fukushima Daiichi NPP sits, has denounced the catastrophe and mismanagement as an act of murder.

He thinks that the accident itself must be considered as man-made but specially he criticizes the criminal mismanagement:

"There are some people who speak as if the accident has been contained but the reality is the contrary," he said.
"Although we had unwanted exposure to the radiation, we never heard any apology from anyone. This feeling I have will never be cleared and this is an unforgivable murder's act," he said.

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