Sunday, November 11, 2012

Venezuela announces new Constituent Process to consolidate Socialism

Venezuelan Vice-President and Chancellor Nicolás Maduro (pictured) announced a Constituent Process to begin immediately to consolidate and increase Socialism in the South American country. 

The Socialist Plan 2013-2019 seems to imply a new Constituent Assembly at some point, judging from the choice of words of the Vice-President: 

... only with one Constituent [Assembly]* we can open the road for a true transformation".

The plan which was initially outlined by President Chávez in May and June, as part of his electoral program, is going to be distributed through the grassroots institutions of the country, as well as online social networks, in the next month in wait for feedback. Maduro also offered an open hand to the opposition, calling also for their participation in the constituent process.

Sources[es]: LINyM, TeleSur.


*Translation note: Maduro said "una Constituyente" (femenine), which almost necessarily implies a Constituent Assembly (Asamblea is femenine in Spanish). Would he be talking of the Plan he would have used the masculine gender (plan is masculine instead).

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