Tuesday, November 13, 2012

100,000 march in Tokyo against nuclear power

It is a pretty high figure for the disciplinary culture of Japan. 

The originally reported 100,000 citizens was later replaced into the diffuse cliché "thousands" in Japanese media but snapshot evidence remains, frustrating partly the endless efforts of the Nuclear Big Brother to hide the poisonous reality we live in and the popular anger it creates:

Source: EneNews (includes video, etc.)

Manipulated radiation monitors suffer anger of Japanese citizens

In a related news, Ex-SKF mentions how the static radiation monitors placed by the government in Fukushima City, which are known to have been manipulated in at least two ways: by shielding them with their own lead batteries and by making a preliminary cleanup of the area, have been subject to the anger of citizens much better informed that their bosses would like.

Source and more details: Ex-SKF.

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