Friday, November 23, 2012

Zionists kill another Palestinian after "ceasefire"

"Ceasefire" for the Zionists seems to mean that they can keep murdering all around but that the Native Palestinian society cannot retaliate in any way.

The terrorist organization IDF opened fire against a group of Palestinians within the Gaza territory near the Apartheid Wall, killing one.

Egypt's pathetic role explained by IMF blackmail

I never had much faith in the Islamist government now in power in Egypt (still the choice of a cult-brainwashed people whose class conscience is still in development) but the role played so far in relation with Gaza and Palestine has been almost identical to what Mubarak used to do.

So far Egypt keeps blockading Gaza, even if not as strictly as before. So far Egypt has not quit recognizing the Zionist racist colony (being the only Arab state, along with Morocco and Jordan who does that). And Egypt did not move its army even to put any pressure on the Zionist terror regime when they were bombing Gaza almost unilaterally but instead only performed, along with another Islamist-ruled state, Turkey, diplomatic maneuvering to calm the genocidal monster.

I must remind here that Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are by origin the same party.

The Real News (h/t Naked Capitalism) reports today that Egypt was seeking desperately an IMF loan for months and that it has only been conceded on the 21st, exactly the same day in which the "ceasefire" was approved.

What did Israel get? More US-made weapons for future massacres.

Here there is a saying: Raise ravens and they will take out your eyes. And that applies fully to the vicious US-Israel relationship - and even more to the EU-Israel one because I'm persuaded that the nuclear weapons of Israel will in the end be thrown over Europe.

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