Monday, November 26, 2012

Ashton please resing already!

Do you think this woman represents EU citizens who are overwhelmingly anti-Zionist?

Even Hilary Clinton (well known for her Christian-Zionist background) is less shamefully bootlicking of the Zionists. You just cannot pretend to represent Europeans and be that friendly (look at that old-friends' smile, nothing diplomatic in it: she is sincere in her love for the Zionist terrorists). 

Of course is not just Ms. Ashton but the whole European Commission which is involved in Zionist boot-licking and shameless pro-terrorist support. 

While the Zionist entity threatens the safety of not just the so-called Middle East but also Europe itself with its nuclear weapons, the EC, our joint government, supports the terrorist genocidal colony allowing them into our cultural and sport rings (in spite of being an apartheid state) and even worse: sponsoring activities like the arms fair of Tel Aviv or allowing Zionist arms industries like Rafael into European exhibitions. 

They all should resign... but then we are getting to matters much closer home like the infamous austerity for the poor, fiesta for the rich policy of the EU these days.

Source: EI

Gaza Paralympic stadium destroyed by Zionist attacks

The widespread carnage imposed by the Zionazis onto the Gaza Ghetto has not only killed almost 200 people (civilians mostly) and destroyed homes but, among other stuff, it has also demolished the Paralympic stadium. 

Meanwhile EU and the Olympic mafia keep allowing the Regime of Apartheid in Palestine to take part in international sporting activities, when it should be boycotted. 

Source: EI.

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