Friday, November 9, 2012

South Korean nuclear power plant in dire straits

Much like the Californian facility of San Onofre recently closed for the poor quality of its construction materials, the South Korean Yeonggwang NPP is facing repeated major problems for low quality materials and falsified certificates.

Yeonggwant NPP is the fifth largest on Earth in terms of energy generated and the second largest one in South Korea. Two of its reactors had to close recently after it was found that some 5000 parts had forged certifications. Now another reactor has been found to have cracks in some of its control rod tunnels, making it also inoperative. 

Even if everything is done at the highest safety standards, nuclear power is an unbearable risk, but reality is that nearly everything is done with very low standards and high levels of corruption and mismanagement. And that kills and lays waste whole countries almost for sure. Let's abandon nuclear energy now!

Source: Ex-SKF.

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