Saturday, November 17, 2012

The dead pile up for the electoral genocide of Netanyahu

The bastard children of Hitler
It seems that what matters in the elections of the Zionist abhorrence is who murders more of those undesirable Palestinians who had the bad luck of being born and living where the Zionist International, with full support of the great powers, had decided to install their brutal colonization project: Eretz Israel. 

So Bibi, as the new Hitler is known in Tel Aviv, has decided to massacre as many Palestinians as possible so he can muster as many votes from those psyhcotic criminal settlers who support him and the racist state he governs, who lack any empathy for other human beings... who happen to be "Goyim" (i.e. not belonging to the self-proclaimed superior race, with the self-proclaimed "right" to murder, torture and exploit everyone else at whim). 

The mountain of corpses piles up: this morning it was 39, this evening at least 58... all so Netanyahu can show to his scum of colonist followers that he's the alpha male in the region because he has US and European weapons and a blank check to do almost everything he wants short of blowing the planet up. 

Some are members of Hamas, the party democratically elected by Palestinians to rule them, the legitimate government in all that country, if any. Just that because they do not surrender without conditions to the Zionist colonial regime of apartheid, they are labeled as "terrorists". 

The only terrorist here, let's face it, is Netanyahu and he should be brought to La Hague in chains. 

But most of the victims are civilians. Civilians from the territory annexed by Israel mostly. Let's not forget that 85% of the population of Gaza are refugees, mostly from the coastal strip of Palestine which is now the center of "Israel". 

Those people who are being murdered by the bombs should be the ones with the right to vote in their own country and not a bunch of recently arrived Russian and Gringos. 

And then they say "Israel is the only democracy in the region". Ha! Democracy where the natives have no rights, not even to vote but to live?! Democracy my ass! Democracy for the colonists arrived from overseas, Hell for the natives of the country once known as Palestine and now usurped by the genocidal apartheid regime that calls itself Israel. 

Let's put some names to those 58 or more murdered by the Zionist terrorists:

Omar Mashrawi, 11 months old son of a local BBC employee. Yet the BBC is again whitewashing Zionist terrorism shamelessly, murdering the truth

Omar Mashrawi's father with the little corpse

Tahrir Suleiman, 22 years old, all her life prisoner in Gaza, the largest open air prison of Earth.

Others don't have names that we know yet. But have left photos that illustrate too well the magnitude of the crimes of the Zionazis:

An unnamed victim of Bibi's electoral campaign

That we should not be doing ourselves here. The mainstream media, who fill their headlines with appeals to democracy, human rights, freedom and what not, who claim to heaven each time a proletarian throws a rock in justified anger, those should be informing us with extensive reports of the crimes of Israel.

And it should come as a matter of fact that the Zionist regime should be ostracized from all international organizations, political, cultural, etc. and that a tight economic boycott should be established around this terrorist racist abhorrent regime until democracy is restored to Palestine. 

But nothing of this is happening at all. The bastard children of Hitler are allowed to do as they please, to replicate the crimes of their Austrian teacher once and again without any punishment nor denounce. 


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