Sunday, November 18, 2012

Zionist terrorism against the Gaza Ghetto continues

The Zionist terrorist organization known as Israel keeps murdering civilians in the ghetto of Gaza, where the natives of the country have been dumped and barely survive... sometimes. 

Among the dozens of deadly victims (nobody seems to even count the injured anymore, never mind the demolished homes and facilities that the Zionist tyrant won't allow to be rebuilt) there are many children. I mentioned some yesterday but everyday the body count grows.

Hanen Tafesh, 10 months old, victim of Zionist terrorism

The whole Dalouh family was murdered

Even the already dead are victimized by the Zionazis:

Gaza cemetery was bombed too

And of course, just like their Hellfather Hitler, the criminals want no witnesses:

Terrorists from the IDF demand journalists to leave the area

... they don't want us to watch their terrorism

(Photos from the Electronic Intifada and Jews sans frontieres).

Notice please that once again the Zionist terrorist colonial and genocidal entity is using banned weapons in a macabre Mengele-style experiment in which Palestinians are guinea pigs. 

This kind of injuries are typically caused by illegal DIME bombs

It is not at all the first time that the Zioterrorist apartheid state uses banned weapons like white phosphorus and DIME bombs. It did in 2009 in Gaza also and it did in 2006 in Lebanon. It is also the only state in the region to have nuclear weapons, weapons that can be directed not just against Arabs and Iranians but also against Europeans.

Gazans plead to the World to do something:

Call from Gaza to the citizens of the world: STOP THE ONGOING MASSACRE

18.11.2012 – Besieged Gaza, Occupied Palestine
Four years after the Israeli Occupation Forces perpetrated a massacre upon the population of Gaza, Apartheid Israel commits another crime. The latest round of Israeli war crimes has resulted in a new massacre ; at the time of writing more than 40 innocent civilians, including 15 children, have been murdered brutally as they slept in their own houses. More than 400 have been critically injured.
We request that the citizens of the world oppose this deadly crime. We no longer rely on governments. The failure of the United Nations and its numerous organizations to condemn such crimes proves their complicity. Only civil society is able to mobilize to demand the application of international law and put an end to Israel’s impunity. The intervention of civil society was effective in the late 1980s against the apartheid regime of South Africa. Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have not only described Israel’s oppressive and violent control of Palestinians as Apartheid, they have also joined this call for the world’s civil society to intervene again.
We, therefore, ask people of conscience and civil society organizations to put pressure on their governments until Israel is forced to abide by international law and international humanitarian law. Without the intervention of the international community which was effective against apartheid in South Africa, Israel will continue its war crimes and crimes against humanity, as articulated by the Goldstone report.
We call on civil society organizations worldwide to intensify the anti-Israel sanctions campaign to compel Israel to end to its aggression.
The international conspiracy of silence towards the genocidal war taking place against the 1.5 million civilians in Gaza indicates complicity in these  war crimes.
We call upon the international community to demand that the rouge State of  Israel end its siege and compensate for the destruction of life and infrastructure that it has visited upon the Palestinian people. We alse call upon all Palestine solidarity groups and all international civil society organisations to demand:
- An end to occupation, Apartheid and other war crimes committed by Israel
- An end to the siege that has been imposed on the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip since 2006.
- The protection of civilian lives and property, as stipulated in International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law such as The Fourth Geneva Convention.
- That Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip  be provided with material support to cope with the immense hardship that they are experiencing..
- Immediate reparations and compensation for all destruction carried out by the Israeli Occupation Forces in the Gaza Strip.
- Holding  Israeli  generals  and leaders accountable for  war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the civilians of Gaza.
Signatory Organizations:
Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions
The One Democratic State Group
University Teachers’ Association
Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel

But will the World listen? And, even if we listen (as more and more do, no doubt), will our rulers do anything about it? Where's the democracy in all this?


  1. the minute Hamas leaders would love their people more than they hate Israel, peace will come. by the way, how many kids died today in Syria? add more stupid labels. crimes against human kind is not in Gaza..

    1. That's absolutely false (and you are a mere Zionazi propagandist, possibly a bot). The Zionist Apartheid Regime in Palestine (Israel) has rejected all negotiations and has only used them to extend their control and segregation in the country.

    2. Whilst these pictures are shocking, upsetting and disturbing, the article itself is heavily biased and propaganda in itself.
      There are two sides to the story that have to be respected and honestly analysed. I personally feel sorry for both sides. Unfortunately when airstrikes are used as a tactic in populated areas against militants, then civilian casualties will occur on both sides. If Palestine had the same military equipment as Israel, then I'm sure that the civilian count would be at least as high in Israel. If Israel didn't have such advanced military, then I believe that the Israeli's would have been forced out long ago. It's no secret that none of their neighbours want them there...
      In the end of the day what Israel and palestine really need, is for their leaders to stop promoting propaganda and hatred towards each other, until that happens, each new generation will be brought up with the same problems and peace will never come...

    3. "The other side of the story" you can read at BBC or any of the zillion Zionist media that overwhelm us and that I do not read anymore.

      There are not "two sides of the story", not for this not for any: there's always a zillion sides. And in this case, you just have to count the dead, the displaced, the unjustly imprisoned, etc. to count the stories... and almost all of them are Palestinian victims, Palestinian horror stories at the hands of European colonists with vastly superior weapons and financing.

      "If Palestine had the same military equipment as Israel"...

      Then there would be no Israel and all happy. One Nazi state less from the face of Earth.

      "In the end of the day what Israel and palestine really need, is for their leaders to stop promoting propaganda and hatred towards each other"...

      You have no right to equate the massive suffering of the Palestinian People at the hands of those invaders from overseas to the anecdotal pain of the occasional colonist-militiaman. You just have no right: it's like comparing the Holocaust with the itch of Hitler's dog!

      You have no shame!

    4. The problem for Israel is that more and more people are wiseing up to what they are about. That is, the Iron Wall - military might, which was planned as far back as the 30s. Contrary to the propaganda, Israel was born out of theft and murder - ethnic cleansing, as we now can see, and it's all there in the diaries and correspondence of Ben Gurion and others. To read about what happened in 47-48 is very disturbing. But many leading Israeli's didn't then and don't now regard the Palestinians as a people, among them Golda Meir, which no doubt eases the conscience when carrying out the ETHNIC CLEANSING.

  2. Sam James, as you say there are two sides to the story... you are correct. However the side of the story in this article is one which is not being reported as much as it should be within mainstream media.

    The pro-zionist claims that israel is merely defending itself is untrue and being heavily reported as fact by the BBC and SkyNews, to name a few.

    Even if this article can be claimed as propaganda, it sure is nice to see another point of view.

    1. I appreciate your support. It is important that we face the hasbarites every single day and don't let their Mossad-based organization demoralize us nor dominate public opinion.

  3. tears burn my eyes

    Free Palestina!!


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