Sunday, November 18, 2012

Basque Country: massive demo for the right to a home

Tens of thousands demonstrated in Bilbao yesterday after the slogan: Neither evictions, nor social cuts! A home is our right!

And indeed the constitution of the Kingdom of Spain formally guarantees a home and a dignified job as fundamental rights. As you can appreciate, in practical terms Spain's "fundamental rights" are considered a mere good will list of intentions, turning the fundamental law into nothing. 

Faced with growing anger the reactionary government of Spain recently decreed a forceful extension of two years in foreclosures but the conditions are so stringent that almost nobody fits in them. While the income requirement (three times the minimal salary) seems reasonable, the other conditions (large family, i.e. four or more underage children, or single parent with two underage children) seem designed so only some groups can benefit, notably Christian and Muslim fanatics who give birth like vermin and still have to learn how a condom is used. 

None of the recent suicides (mostly people in their 50s with already grown up children) would have been averted with this hypocritical decree.

The decree does not even address one of the most unfair aspects of the Spanish mortgage law: that returning the home does not cancel the debt, establishing in fact debt slavery and debt outcasts.

In opposition to the fundamentalist actions of the Spanish neofascist government, the organizers demanded that the state takes care of basic housing as is the case in Germany and other advanced European states.

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