Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'France is not Spain' - symptomatic

Portugal is not Greece, Spain is not Greece nor Portugal... and now France is not Spain (ref. FT(registration needed)). It may sound obvious but these sentences should be preserved in the history books of the near future as some of the greatest idiocies repeated through Europe in the eve of the extreme disasters and radical changes to come.

A. Montero dedicates some musings in Spanish today to this false obviousness. I'm almost glad that the syndrome European Capitalist collapse has begun knocking at the French door (and not just them: nearly all Western Europe, including Britain and the Netherlands are in dire straits, as mentioned already in May) because only if more Europeans are involved the much needed revolution can go ahead at the necessary pan-European scale.

The French state is the fifth largest economy on Earth (right after Germany). 

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