Friday, November 2, 2012

Obituary: Agustín García Calvo, the last cynic

Agustín García Calvo
(CC by Rafael Jiménez)
Linguist by profession but best known as Anarchist philosopher and activist Agustín García Calvo, alias God, died yesterday at the venerable age of 86. 

Repeatedly repressed by the fascist regime for his activism in the universities movement of the 1960s, García Calvo became a reference for the Anarchist (= Libertarian) movement in the Spanish-laguage area.

His denounce of the very concept of Reality helped to open the eyes of many, in a very classical Greek style of radical cynic philosophy. For example he would argue that future is death, and so when they tell you, the young ones, that you have much future, understand that what they mean is that you actually have much death.

He was a prolific author in essay, poetry and even theater, often publishing them himself (Lucina Editorial), as well as opinion columns and articles in newspapers and magazines, and scientific articles mostly on linguistics. Among his most curious contributions are the lyrics of the official hymn of the Community of Madrid[es], which is quite sarcastic (and therefore not used in official acts but very sparingly).

Many of his works begin with the word "contra" (against): Against Peace - Against Democracy, Against Reality, Against Time, Against The Couple, Against Man, History Against Tradition - Tradition Against History, Manifesto Against Waste... but also argued in positive, as in On Happiness or Love and Both Sexes: from Time, Love and Forgetfulness.

My reading of his works is limited but he certainly influenced me with the excellent Family: the Idea and the Emotions.

His life was in any case full of intelligence and love, being a pillar of human improvement and liberation. Hardly anything better can be said of anyone.

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  1. Hello, those who are interested in his work, we invite you to visit Editorial Lucina, Agustin´s web publishing house, where you can find Conferences, Articles and much more, and also buy his books online, Regards


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