Friday, November 9, 2012

Another foreclosure-caused suicide

It happened today in the Basque town of Barakaldo (just a few minutes in the subway from where I live): a woman jumped from the balcony of her home to her death, just as she was about to be evicted from her home.

The victim is Amaia Egaña, is the wife of a former local councilor, J.M. Asensio (PSOE, both pictured above right).

Stop Evictions! (a popular movement that tries to block or at least delay foreclosures by means of nonviolent resistance) declared that they knew nothing about this case beforehand.

In nearby dates local judges and European ones have issued several sentences in which they declare the Spanish mortgage law, which allows banks to keep citizens in debt servitude for life even after getting their homes, is illegal or unconstitutional. But while judges and politicians debate, more than 500 families are evicted every day in the Kingdom of Mr. Bourbon. 

In some cases with an obvious and direct result: death.

But these foreclosure-caused suicides are just the tip of the iceberg. It is estimated that at least one of every three suicides nowadays in the European state are directly caused by misery and the desperation it causes. 

Ironically the Spanish Constitution guarantees the right to a home and a dignified job. These fundamental rights should be above private property, which is considered by that same constitution subservient of the social needs. However all that is nothing but toilet paper in practical terms.

Sources[es]: Bilboko Elkartzen, Herri Kolore.

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