Saturday, November 24, 2012

How Israeli education creates murderous racist monsters

A must-watch (or at least must-listen as the format is mostly oral) interview with Nurit Peled-Elhanan, daughter of Zionist General Matti Peled and sister of Anti-Zionist activist Miko Peled (video in English with Spanish subtitles):

She explains how the Zionist education system forges racism, specially against Arabs (and also the Mediterranean landscape, contrasted by the Ashkenazi imaginary of lust green European gardens everywhere), how Palestinians are dehumanized and redefined in terms of generic Arabs, how students are brainwashed with a notion of "the Land of Israel" without clear borders, how genocide is hidden or justified, how even classrooms are militarized...

Found at Atilio Boron blog (originally from María en Palestina blog), both in Spanish language.

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