Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brazil: protests against World Cup are met with repression

Getting a World Cup or Olympic Games is sure recipe for de facto fascism in the streets of your city or country. Brazil, specially Rio de Janeiro, just got both.

And the results are already showing up:

All over Brazil, activists are worried about how the authorities are treating the local population before the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Poor people are evicted from their homes in favelas, so that stadiums and luxury hotels get built or any other kind of gentrification plan is implemented. The cost for public transportation increases every year and locals cannot afford to pay the costs anymore. Public squares are privatized and local street art performers are not allowed to take action in these places anymore; and the list goes on…

Workers' Party my ass! Coca-Cola Party is what rules Brazil.

Naturally protests are taking place and the inflatable mascot of the football circus, sponsored by the infamous Coca-Cola corporation, was deflated. Repression ensued. This is the real ugly face of the circus:

Source: Contra Info.

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