Monday, November 5, 2012

USA: brutal Nazi attack in Louisiana

The US Nazis (Klu Klux Klan) set a young Afroamerican woman on fire in Winnsboro, Louisiana, causing her serious burns in half her body. Previously they had marked her car with the KKK anagram of death and the racist insult "Nigger".

Sharmenka Moffit, 20, is at hospital in critical condition with 3rd degree burns over more than 50% of her body and her arms "essentially destroyed", in her mother's words.  

Moffit described her attackers as three men wearing white hoodies, the uniform of the Nazi organization KKK. 

Apparently Nazism and similar hatred ideologies have been growing fast recently, fueled  by the economic crisis.

Hatewatch also reports of another KKK murder against a white young man who dared to hang with black friends, also in Louisiana (Oct. 14th, Lafayette). Two suspects were arrested.

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