Friday, November 30, 2012

Boycott Zionist IKEA

IKEA the pop icon of modern Europe, the top industry of Sweden, the supermarket that everybody loves (oh-so-cheap, oh-so-cool) but their workers and all the other victims of their predatory policies (including the Spanish furniture industry, now in bankruptcy thanks to them). 

(from Desert Peace)

There are many reasons not to help IKEA by purchasing their products or tolerating their presence in your area, among them that it was founded and is still owned by  ultra-hyper-Nazi Ingvar Kamprad, that they used forced labor at least in the past, that they try to coerce workers not to join genuine, radical* unions. 

But there is yet another reason for us to hate the Swedish corporation: they collaborate with the illegal settlement of the West Bank by Zionist colonists from Russia and elsewhere. 

Time to boycott every single collaborator with Zionism, time to end Apartheid in Palestine. 


Note: Against the ill-meant "common" usage by bourgeois press, the word radical is not synonym of extremist but rather antonym of shallow. The word radical comes from Latin radix (root) at means to go to the root of the matter, instead of just remaining on the surface. Every true thinker is radical, many extremists, notably those from the far right, are very shallow instead.

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