Friday, November 2, 2012

Arrest and extradition of Aurore Martin add to the institutional jeopardy of the Basque peace process

Basque politician Aurore Martin (pictured) was arrested yesterday afternoon near Maule and extradited to Spain just hours later. Martin, who is persecuted for being member of the major Basque party Batasuna (which in Spain has been proclaimed "terrorist" and in France is a perfectly legal party) suffered another arrest attempt in June 2011, which was impeded by popular mass action.

This extradition, together with recent arrests of ETA members, the political veto to a Northern Basque distinct region within the French Republic and the threats of illegalization by Spanish ministers, all converge into a picture that looks most somber for the so far unilateral peace process in the long conflict between Basques and the Spanish occupation. It would seem as if the political leaders in Madrid and France have already decided that peace is not an option unless it is unconditional surrender. 

And nobody is surrendering here much less renouncing to our fundamental right to self-determination as nation.

Sources: Gara[es], Kazeta[eu].

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